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Music for the Soul....'s what we all love.......It's something we cannot explain why we love it so.....You express your love with Music.....and Music can be of any kind. All it has to do is express your feelings and your love. After all, what is more important in anyone's life...except love.

And Music is Love. And that is what Harmony Institute of Music stands for. Music and Love.

Harmony Institute of Music  was started in the year 1974, by a musically minded and very young man, who had completed his education in Chemical Engineering with additional management degrees, but had his heart set on Music. Well, the truth be told, he even had his head set on Music ! After all, life is a matter of trying to achieve one's dreams and heart's desires... is it not ? So, after working in the Chemical Industry for 35+ years, he decided to call it a day and literally walked out of an in-progress board meeting to venture fully into the field of Music.

Mr. Upendra Laxmeshwar, the founder of Harmony Institute of Music, was the favourite student of his Guru, Late Shri Vinaykumar Deorukhkar, the renowned Guitarist of Pune, way back in 1963. While Mr. Laxmeshwar, started performing on-stage on the Banjo, when he was shy of 5 years , he also started performing on the Harmonica (aka, the Mouth Organ), when he was just about 6 years of age. Late Shri. Deorukhkar, introduced him again on-stage with the guitar, barely within four months of his starting to learn. His guru imparted the fine art of performing with the guitar and Mr. Laxmeshwar being quick to pick-up and learn, was soon performing under his guru, efficiently.

In 1966, Mr. Laxmeshwar started performing as a professional with a few musical groups that had a presence in Pune including being a lead guitarist for renowned groups such as: Musical Melody, Chandrashekhar Darbar and a few others. Days were changing, while the Music field too was undergoing a sea change, opening more and more avenues for performers, which took him all over India as well as abroad for live performances.

In 1974, Mr. Laxmeshwar, realised that the Art of Music, which he was bestowed with by the Almighty, was not for restricting for his own satisfaction, but to be distributed....given those with a musical inclination as well as to those, not !

Mr. Laxmeshwar, has been a Judge to many public live concerts. His Rock Group - The Sinners - was awarded a Silver Plaque, by the Late Admiral Nanda, in 1972, as the Best Performing Group. He has also trained Musical groups from small cities to perform at the prestigious Pune Festival and was honoured for the same. He presided as the judge at the 'Guitar Playing' contest at the National Youth Festival, 2007, held by the Government of Maharashtra, in Pune. The feather in the cap was the participation and performance of three students of the Institute at the Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival held at Singapore in 2010. This was a First, for India.

 Harmony Institute of Music, was started with just two students, in 1974. Over the years, the studentship has grown to over 275 with four operational branches. More than 18000 students have learnt at the Institute and are reaping the benefits of having learnt an instrument of their choice.

The Institute has a very different approach in teaching Music to it's students. In that, the Institute does not teach Music, but the students learn ! A teaching process involves the teacher rattling off complex methods to the students or groups, with no stress on whether the students understand what is being taught - just like a college. The Institute does not follow a rigid pattern which is applicable to all students. The Institute and the teacher design an independent syllabus for each student, so that the student learns rather than being taught, at his/her own pace. Music is an art and cannot be forcibly taught and has to be learnt from the heart, mind and soul to be able to give happiness to the student. The Institute uses the Western Music System, but in close co-relation with the Indian Music System, so that the students can easily and readily associate themselves with the Musical Notations.

Come...see how Harmony can help you make the Music you want.....

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